Idea Management

For many years, Dr. Monika Stanek-Elterlein has turned ideas and concepts she developed into successful results for projects and businesses. The new challenges we are facing are manifold:


The all-encompassing digitalisation of all spheres of life – the key words being “Industry 4.0” and “Digital Revolution” – entail extensive technological, economic but also social changes over the coming years.

Pointing out and raising awareness of these changes and developing strategies to tackle them will be one of the major challenges for idea management in the coming years. The relevant topics and issues will be developed and implemented in cooperation with business, science and politics.


80% of all decisions are made in Brussels – yet, about 66% of Austrians reject the European Union or are sceptical regarding its institutions. The EU is perceived as “distant” and “incomprehensible.” On the basis of concrete issues, the way of thinking, advantages but also problems in Europe will be illustrated and dealt with in cooperation with business, science and politics.

Some ideas and concepts developed in the past have proved successful over many years and continue to be relevant and topical to the present day. Here are some examples:


    The Salzburg Festival was opened to a broader public in 1997 by way of live broadcasting (long before the term of “public viewing” was coined) of the current Festival’s major opera premieres on Domplatz: Idea for the concept, strategic planning, organisation, marketing. The basic concept is being continued in Salzburg and will now also be implemented for the Bayreuth Festival in Germany as well as by the Vienna State Opera.


    Cooperation in developing and implementing the teaching of Informatics/Electronic Data Processing at schools.

  • GTC

    Linking and fostering ideas, information, innovation and people as well as being open for new developments and putting them into practice is the idea on which GTC has been based since 2004.